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The Blog has higher education programmes ( BA& MA) in languages, law, medicine, biology, physics, pharmacy, mathematics, teacher training, information sciences, as well as a Doctoral School in these subjects

Post-graduate programmes: teacher training, environment, disability, informatics.

Research in various departments.

Post-graduate training courses

The Project of Learning Enhancement & Inclusion main activities are training and research. It is situated historically in the Medical Faculty but it works entirely interdisciplinarity with the Faculty of Education, the Teacher Training Colleges associated with the University, the School of Social Work, the school of physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Lisa Green – CMO
Dr. John Smith — CEO

Our Story

There is no teaching or care that takes place in a segregated special school which cannot also take place in an ordinary school and given commitment and support, inclusive education is a more efficient use of educational resources. Inclusion is a process, not a state and a good inclusive school is one that is on the move. All children need an education that will help them develop relationships and prepare them for life in mainstream society – inclusive schools have that potential to reduce fear, offer a diversity of teaching and allow the building of friendships, respect and understanding.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Jack Lee

Zoya Hank

“I have had the opportunity to work with daffodilproject.org on many high profile cross-team projects at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. They are active and responsive to others in our learning community locally and as well as on the Web. The daffodilproject.org team has deep knowledge of digital delivery of learning and excels at bringing that to customers.

Kelvin Black

“Smith and his team were the perfect solution for our online training project. They provided invaluable advice, incredible service, and timely delivery…all at a great price. Moreover, they have become an incredible business partner. Consensus will definitely turn to daffodilproject.org for our future needs. I can’t say enough good things about the “Magic” experience!”

Zasha Swan

The daffodilproject.org team is “Magic” when it comes to delivering e-learning content. I collaborated with them on a complex, multi-module learning system for a Software 500 client. Their work was always spot on to the client’s needs, effective in execution and technically excellent. Highly recommended for anyone seeking e-learning development!”

Frank Jones

“Smith and his team truly are magic. I have enjoyed a long-term relationship with Magic and he has served me well—way beyond the call of duty—many times in the past. He and all the people he has assembled at daffodilproject.org, Inc. are nothing less than ‘best in class’!”

Jack Brownn