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Colégio do Espírito Santo

28 October – 03 November 2012

Dynamic Assessment of Functioning  and

 Oriented at Development and Inclusive Learning
A Comenius multilateral project - 142084-2008-LLP-BE-COMENIUS-CMP

The Daffodil Project welcomes you to Daffodil Autumn Course,

October 28th -November 03rd, 2012 in Évora, Portugal

How to come

*Arrival to Évora on sunday .

*Flight to Lisbon Airport. Airport Bus (aeroshuttle - 3,50€) connect to Rede Expresso Bus ( that connects Évora Central Station Bus. From Lisbon to Évora is about 130Km and a bus trip takes 1h30m.

*Travel and  Accomodation:

    Hotel reservation:

     Tel +351 266 746 970


reflecting its rich history. Many of Évora's hotels are former convents.  Évora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Évora is a city in southern Portugal, located 70 miles E of Lisbon. The religious, historical and architectural importance of Évora's historic center earned it World Heritage status in 1986.

This region has been settled since prehistoric times - megaliths from 4,000 BC can be seen a few miles outside the city. In 80 BC, the Roman city of Liberalitas Julia was founded here. Later, Évora was ruled by the Visigoths, the Moors (from 715), and Catholic kings (from 1166). It became a favored base for the court of the Kingdom of Portugal. The Jesuits were active here from the 16th to 18th centuries and Évora's university was an important center of learning.

Today, the walled town of Évora contains many sites of religious interest in a full range of architect  styles (Roman, Romanesque, Gothic, Manueline, Renaissance, Baroque),

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Universsity of Évora — Apartado 94, 7002-554 Évora

Telf.: + 351 266 768 052 | FAX +351 266 768 073


Daffodil Autumn Course

Dynamic Assessment of Functioning of Children with Specific Educational Needs (Barriers to Learning) oriented at Development and Inclusive Learning

Why not combine the visit to Évora whit a weekend trip to Alentejo and/or Algarve Regions?

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